Road and bridge machinery applications


With the rapid development of the construction industry, steel bar construction machinery dominated by steel bar bending hoops and steel bar straightening and cutting have also developed rapidly in recent years. Among them, the CNC steel bar bending machine adopts full servo control. It can process 7.5 tons of steel per day and has a library of more than 500 kinds of graphics stored in it. It does not need to occupy a large area. It can be operated by only one worker. The method improves the efficiency nearly 40 times, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor cost.
The fully automatic bending hoop machine equipped with Elesy servo products can achieve 8 to 10 times the production efficiency of manual and semi-automatic bending hoop machines, which is nearly 40 times more efficient than the original manual method. Elias servo motor has 3 times overload capacity, which can meet frequent start-stop control, fast servo response speed, and high speed operation. Elias servo control precision is high, wire feeding servo fixed length precision can reach ± 1mm bending servo bending precision can reach ± 1 °. In addition, the wire feed servo adopts an external encoder full-closed loop control, which overcomes the errors caused by the steel bar slip.