Stamping robot applications

The stamping manipulator is a device specially developed for the realization of unmanned stamping automation based on the characteristics of stamping production based on the automation equipment. It can replace the manual punching, handling, loading and unloading of materials at each stamping station, and the entire production line efficiency reaches 5 seconds. For the repetitive, dangerous, high-beat processing industries such as stamping, this automation equipment is a modern industrialized "pioneering innovation" in terms of saving labor costs, improving labor and equipment safety, and maintaining product capacity, quality, and process stability. Important spirit manifestation. Stamping robot

The most prominent feature of the Elesy servo drive system is that the motor is directly connected to the eccentric crank gear. Because the speed of the motor can be adjusted arbitrarily, the movement speed of the crank mechanism can be arbitrarily adjusted, and the stamping speed can be arbitrarily increased or slowed down. Another major feature is high matching. Because the speed of the motor of the servo press can be adjusted steplessly, it is possible to achieve stepless adjustment of the punching movement and punching force during the punching process, so that the working curve of the press can be matched with various different application requirements. In order to ensure the precise movement of the crank, the user can achieve or maintain a constant punching speed through deceleration and drawing processing. This not only improves the quality of sheet processing, but also extends the service life of the mold.