Full servo warp knitting machine applications

Full servo warp knitting machines have been gradually applied in textiles. At present, all-servo warp knitting machines have good advantages in output, efficiency, pattern diversity, and product quality, so they will become the mainstream of future jacquard weaving.

The feasibility of a traverse control system based on a linear servo motor is analyzed, and a three-level distributed control system composed of a host computer, a traverse control unit, and a linear servo actuator is proposed for the overall design structure of the system. Analyze the principle of selecting the motion law, and use this to modify the trapezoidal acceleration motion law for the servo drive curve of high-speed warp knitting machine horizontal movement. Then select the components of the traverse control system, including the selection of linear servo motors, servo drives, rotary encoders, and scales.

The application of the Elesy servo system on the warp knitting machine has greatly improved the automation level and production capacity of the warp knitting machine. Especially in the warp knitting electronic let-off, electronic traverse and electronic drawing, the overall performance of the machine has been greatly improved. The existing warp knitting machine in China is transformed, and the automatic control function is gradually realized to meet the needs of product development, which is in line with the characteristics of China's warp knitting industry.