Turn-milling lathe applications

Turn-milling machine tool is the most mature and popular one in the world. It is not a simple combination of a machining center and a CNC lathe, but a more intelligent and advanced machining method. Turning and milling machine tools have five-axis linkage, turning, drilling, boring and other functions at the same time, which is simply a production line. It is not only a simple collection of machine tools, but also many special internal circulation functions, such as online measurement, online compensation, synchronous processing, vertical and horizontal conversion, and other special functions are realized by the servo products equipped with Elias, and These special functions are the true value of turning and milling machine tools.
Eiles AC servo system increases the resolution of the encoder to 20bit, greatly improves the control accuracy, and can adapt to the requirements of high-precision machining tools. And it provides high torque, which can meet the needs of high torque output equipment, so that the machined products reach the best results in terms of accuracy, smoothness and so on.