Service Support

Technical Support
Pre-sale service: Provide customers with detailed product information, product customization, technical consultation and solutions according to customer needs, assist customers in product selection and system requirements analysis, so that products can meet customer needs to the greatest extent.
In-sale service: According to customer's requirements, we provide on-site installation, commissioning, technical support, technical training and other services.
After-sales service: We provide on-site services and off-site services according to different questions from customers.
Off-site service: solve application problems for customers through various channels such as telephone, fax, network, mobile communication tools, and email. Reply within 4 working hours after receiving the service request.
On-site service:Provide technical guidance, product debugging and maintenance services to customers at the site. After receiving the service request, within Guangdong Province and the overseas office area, the service site will be reached within 24 hours; other areas will reach the service site within 72 hours.

Elesy nationwide unified service hotline provides you with a full range of services such as technical consultation, feedback, application for return to factory repair and on-site repair. We will provide you with the fastest and most professional service!
National Unified Service Hotline: 0757-2327 6633 0757-2327 6633