Glass machinery applications


The new type of CNC four-sided linear glass edging machine adopts NC multi-axis synchronous transmission system, synchronous high-speed opening and closing size positioning, L-shaped placement, small footprint, and completes four-side glass grinding, polishing, and safety angle repair at one time. , Cleaning and other functions. Precision processing size, diagonal error control within ± 0.5mm, balance error within ± 0.1mm, perfect polishing, saving manpower, solving the scratches caused by the previous multiple glass storage process, efficient operation and improving the finished product rate.

The equipment adopts the numerical control multi-axis Elesy synchronous transmission servo system with multiple sets of servo motors with high-precision transmission, Ethernet bus control mode, touch computer screen data setting, glass size positioning, glass transportation speed, glass thickness adjustment, glass inversion Angular width is set on the touch-screen computer screen for accurate data, and one-button synchronous operation. Whether it is from 2mm ultra-thin to 32mm ultra-thick, it can provide accurate solutions, which truly reflects the essence of stable performance and automated high-efficiency production.